We are Business Agility specialists who accelerate transformation across Organisations Value Streams Flow of delivery Portfolios Teams People

We build continuous improvement, innovation, and high performing teams across technology & project delivery

The Agility Concept are business agility experts who partner with business leaders to build high performing team culture, bringing people together, delivering value fast, responding & adapting to the right changes.

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We place an emphasis on people, process, and tools to drive enduring positive and impactful cultural change

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Agile Coaching

Training in Scaled Agile Framework

Training in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 6.0)

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Challenges Facing Leadership

Are we working on the right things
How can we motivate our people to embrace change?
Is our work transparent & visible?
How do we deal with a moving market & regulatory goal posts?
How can we deliver value faster?
How can we get our teams to break the silo’s, even when they're not located together?

Case Studies

How We Work

We focus on these fundamentals as part of our customer engagements

Systems Thinking

We apply whole of enterprise thinking to ensure the rate of change is aligned to the maturity of your organisation, and your why.

Emphasis on Delivery Flow

From ideation to value realisation, we are known for accelerating delivery flow across your value streams

Customer & Product Centric

Ensuring an enduring focus on customer & products to ensure the right value is put in the hands of your customers.

Shift Culture Through Behaviour

Before a cultural shift occurs, mindset of your people needs to shift. We drive mindset shift through people’s behaviours and place an emphasis on accountability & empowerment.

Data Insights

An essential component of highlighting the focus areas, generate change momentum, and celebrate success.

Boost Capability

Ensuring your team is armed with the right training, skills, and confidence to drive enduring & lasting change.

Our Partners

We are partnered with SAFe to provide training & implementation support for organisations utilising the Scaled Agile Framework.
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Being an Expert Advantage Partner for Broadcom's Value Stream Management capabilities, we have expertise to implement, configure, and train across Clarity & Rally software solutions.
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